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Dare to Believe... Your Message of Hope Can Change a Life

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Dear IOCDF community,

On behalf of all of us at the International OCD Foundation, I want to invite you to help with a very special project in advance of this year's OCD Awareness Week.

As we have shared in this space over the past several months, the IOCDF is launching a major new campaign aiming to reinforce the importance of daring to believe when dealing with OCD, the so-called Doubting Disease. Having spent years battling OCD, myself, I know first hand how challenging this can be; but I also know what's possible when we dare to believe... that treatment works. And dare to believe... that we are not alone in our struggles. And dare to believe... that recovery is possible.

Unfortunately, in the throes of OCD, it can be awfully difficult to see the power of believing. Hope is an all too elusive commodity in what I call The Shadow of Doubt.

But that's where we, the IOCDF community, can make a difference. If those of us who know the power of proper treatment can convey the hope that it affords, WE can help countless others dare to believe that they too can recover from the worst of OCD.

So, let's do it. Let's share our Messages of Hope. If you'll allow me, I'll get us started below. Then it's YOUR turn. Whether you're a person with OCD, a parent or other loved one impacted by OCD, or an OCD treatment provider, if you've seen the hope please share that hope here in the comments (in 150 words or less).

Together, I know we can help so many others Dare to Believe!

Jeff Bell
National Spokesperson
International OCD Foundation

Terms of Participation

  • Use your first-name only
  • Hopeful messages only
  • No references to identifiable third parties
  • No specific medication or therapist recommendations
  • By submitting you give us permission to post and use publicly
  • You must be 18
  • Posting your contribution is at the discretion of the IOCDF (i.e., there is no right or guarantee of being posted)

By submitting you agree to these terms of participation

New Research on Effective OCD Treatment in Kids

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New study reporting findings of effective treatment for kids with OCD. Click here to read a summary of the results. Click here to read the article.

Finalists selected for the Dare to Believe Contest. Help us choose the winners!

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The finalists in the music, film, poetry, and short story categories have been selected. Voting is open for one week only and ends on Thursday, September 15 at 5 PM EST! View the entries and cast your vote.

Dare to Believe entry deadline is tomorrow at 5pm EST!

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Don't miss your chance to share your music, photographs, painting, story, or movie with the OCD community! The deadline to enter the 2011 Dare to Believe Contest is 5 PM EST on Sept 2. Winners from each of 4 categories will receive a trip to Boston, MA to be featured in an event on October 15 that will be streamed live on the internet. More details and entry forms at http://www.ocfoundation.org/awareness2011/