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Update or Add a Listing to our Support Group Database

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We are upgrading and updating our support group database.  The new system will be much more comprehensive and user-friendly.  If you would like to update your listing from our previous database or would like to add a new support group, click here.

Nonprofits in the Current Economy

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GuideStar USA, Inc. is an information service specializing in U.S. nonprofit companies. It provides information on more than 1.7 million IRS-recognized nonprofit organizations. They have recently released a whitepaper on nonprofits and the economy. We at the IOCDF feel that it captures some important data surrounding how charities like ourselves are affected by the current economic downturn, and in particular how mental health organizations are being impacted. We found that GuideStar's findings resonated with our own experiences, and thought that you would be interested to learn more about the situation.

They write: “For the most part, the pain was pretty well spread among different types of organizations, although those involved in mental health and crisis intervention were more likely to report a decline in contributions (51 percent). Unfortunately, 78 percent of mental health organizations also reported an increase in demand for their services, well above average (with 42 percent reporting a ‘great’ increase in demand).”

You can read the whitepaper in its entirety here.

As ever, the IOCDF is grateful for any and all donations. Particularly in times like these, we would welcome new members and other donations. We depend upon your support. Thank you.