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Genetics Collaborative Board


     The IOCDF Genetics Collaborative is a group of genetics investigators from North America, South America, Europe and Africa. The Collaborative, which includes more than 50 members, held its organizational meeting at the IOCDF Annual Conference in 2002. It has met on an annual basis since that time. David Pauls, Ph.D, Professor, Harvard Medical School, is the chairman of the Collaborative.

     The Collaborative was set up to allow those investigators specializing in genetics to collaborate with one another and to share their findings and DNA samples.

     The overall goal of the Collaborative is to identify the genetics causes of OCD. The approach that investigators are taking is a systematic screening of the entire genome to identify as the susceptibility genes.

     At this point, researchers do not know who will develop OCD and who is protected from it. Learning which genes are involved is very important because this knowledge will lead to a greater understanding of how OCD develops and, ultimately, to finding more effective treatments for OCD.

     While no one knows which genes cause OCD or prevents it, investigators in the Collaborative have established from family studies that there is an increased risk OCD in the relatives of individuals with the disorder. The statistical analyses that have been done thus far by members of the Collaborative indicate that a major genetic component is involved in the occurrence of OCD in families. However, no specific OCD genes have been identified.

     The Genetics Collaborative Board meets every year to review and update their findings. They go on to present key research at the IOCDF's annual conference each summer. 

     What our Collaborative members need to move this research along is families who willing to take part in their studies. If you are interested in participating in one of these studies, please call the IOCDF at (617) 973-5801 and ask for information on genetic studies around the US or visit our Research Participants Sought listings.

2009 Genetics Collaborative Board

Dr. Elias Aboujaoude, Stanford, CA
Dr. Susan Ahmari, New York, NY
Dr. Andrea Allen, New York, NY
Dr. Robert Althoff, Burlington, VM
Dr. Paul Arnold, Toronto, Canada
Dr. Allison Ashley-Koch, Durham, NC
Dr. Laura Bellodi, Milan, Italy
Dr. Lisa Bertman, New Orleans, LA
Dr. Donald Black, Iowa City, IA
Dr. Laura Blanton
Dr. Michael Bloch, New Haven, CT
Dr. Dorret Boomsma, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Dr. Paul Carey, Cape Town, South Africa
Dr. Alice Carter, Boston, MA
Dr. Danielle Cath, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Dr. Cristina Cavallini, Milan, Italy
Dr. Maria Cavallini, Milan, Italy
Dr. Nadia Chabane, Creteil, France
Dr. John Cleary, Los Angeles, CA
Dr. Ed Cook, Chicago, IL
Dr. Quirino Cordeiro, Sau Paulo, Brazil
Dr. Vlad Coric, New Haven, CT
Dr. Kiara Cromer, Tallahassee, FL
Dr. Richard Delorme, Creteil, France
Dr. Damiaan Denys, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Dr. Nick Dodman, North Grafton, MA
Dr. Valsa Eapen, Al Ain, United Arab Emirates
Dr. Kate Fitzgerald, Ann Arbor, MI
Dr. Leah Fostick, Haifa, Israel
Dr. Abby J. Fyer, New York, NY
Dr. Daniel A. Geller, Boston, MA
Dr. Andrew Gilbert, Pittsburgh, PA
Dr. Marco A. Grados, Baltimore, MD
Dr. Bejamin Greenberg, Providence, RI

Dr. Lise Gutknecht, Wuerzberg, Germany
Dr. Gregory Hanna, Ann Arbor, MI
Dr. Peter Heutnik, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Dr. Diane Hezel, Boston, MA
Dr. Anna Hounie, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Dr. James Hudziak, Burlington, VT
Dr. Regina Jackson, Bethesda, MD
Dr. Martien Kas, Utrecht, Netherlands
Dr. James Kennedy, Toronto, Canada
Dr. Young Shin Kim, New Haven, CT
Dr. Jarred Knapp, Winthrop, MA
Dr. James Knowles, Los Angeles, CA
Dr. Marissa Kok, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Dr. Lorrin Koran, Stanford, CA
Dr. Marion LeBoyer, Creteil, France
Dr. Jim Leckman, New Haven, CT
Dr. Lorrin Koran, Stanford, CA
Dr. Marion LeBoyer, Creteil, France
Dr. Jim Leckman, New Haven, CT
Dr. Klaus-Peter Lesch, Wurzburg, Germany
Dr. Douglas Levinson, Stanford, CA
Dr. Christine Lochner, Cape Town, South Africa
Dr. Wolfgang Maier, Bonn, Germany
Dr. Brian Martis, Ann Arbor, MI
Dr. Carol A. Mathews, La Jolla, CA
Dr. James McCracken, Los Angeles, CA
Dr. Euripedes Miguel, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Dr. Nicole C. McLaughlin, Providence, RI
Dr. Dennis Murphy, Bethesda, MD
Dr. Tanya Murphy, Gainesville, FL
Dr. Gerald Nestadt, Baltimore, MD
Dr. Tim Newman
Dr. Humberto Nicolini, Mexico City, Mexico
Dr. Lisa Osiecki, Boston, MA

Dr. Carlos Pato, Los Angeles, CA
Dr. Michele Pato, Los Angeles, CA
Dr. Jose Carlos Ramos Castillo, Sau Paulo, Brazil
Dr. Mark H. Rapaport, Los Angeles, CA
Dr. Steven Rasmussen, Providence, RI
Dr. Scott Rauch, Belmont, MA
Dr. Peggy M.A. Richter, Toronto, Canada
Dr. Mark A. Riddle, Baltimore, MD
Dr. Ceica Rosario, Sau-Paulo Brazil
Dr. David R. Rosenberg, Detroit, MI
Dr. Andres Ruiz-Linares, London, England
Dr. Alne Sampaio, Sau Paulo, Brazil
Dr. Jack Samuels, Baltimore, MD
Dr. Sanjaya Saxena, La Jolla, CA
Dr. Yin Yao Shugart, Baltimore, MD
Dr. Matthew State, New Haven, CT
Dr. Daniel J. Stein, Tygerberg, South Africa
Dr. Evelyn Stewart, Cambridge, MA
Dr. Richard P. Swinson, Hamilton, Canada
Dr. Jeff Szymanksi, Boston, MA
Dr. Homero Vallada, Sau Paulo, Brazil
Dr. Barbara Van Noppen, Los Angeles, CA
Dr. Anton Van Balkom, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Dr. Daniel Van Grootheest, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Dr. Jeremy Veenstra-Vander Wheeler, Nashville, TN
Dr. Emanuel Voyazizkis
Dr. Michael Wagner, Bonn, Germany
Dr. Karen Weissbecker, New Orleans, LA
Dr. Jes Wendlan, Bethesda, MA
Dr. Herman Westenberg, Utrecht, Netherlands
Dr. Sabine Wilhelm, Boston, MA
Dr. Virginia Willour, Baltimore, MD
Dr. Suck Won Kim, Minneapolis, MN
Dr. Joseph Zohar, Ramat Gan, Israel

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