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OCD Newsletter

Since 1987, our OCD Newsletter has been a source of news, entertainment, and inspiration to individuals with OCD, their loved ones, and to OCD professionals and researchers. The quarterly publication is one of the many benefits of membership in the International OCD Foundation. Start receiving the OCD Newsletter today, click here to join!

If you are interested in contributing an article, story, poem, or artwork for possible publication in the OCD Newsletter, please contact the Editor of the Newsletter at Your submission will first be reviewed and you will then be contacted only if it has been chosen for publication in a upcoming OCD Newsletter issue. Thank you!

The OCD Newsletter has something for everyone. Our regular sections include:

  • From the Foundation - This section features an update of recent and upcoming IOCDF activities as well as a "Message from the President" by IOCDF Board President, Denise Egan Stack.

  • From the Front Lines - Personal stories of hope, struggles, and overcoming adversity from those with OCD and their loved ones are featured in this section each newsletter.

  • Youth Corner - Our "Youth Corner" includes uplifting stories, poems, and essays created by children affected by OCD.

  • Organized Chaos - Readers of our newsletter are given the chance to see the world through the eyes of teens and young adults affected by OCD in our "Organized Chaos" section.

  • The Therapy Community - Members of our Scientific Advisory Board and other noted OCD treatment professionals provide our readers with the latest information and perspectives into diagnosis and treatment. Book reviews of some of the latest OCD publications as well as updates from our Institutional Members are also included in this section.

  • Research News - Updates on our research grant program, the latest findings from research studies, and listings of research studies who are looking for participants are all included in our "Research News."

  • From the Affiliates - Find out what is happening in your local area by reading updates from IOCDF affiliates across the United States.