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A Night to Believe — OCD Awareness Week 2012

 Saturday, October 13, 2012 
6:00pm to 9:00pm

in the Back Bay Ballroom at the Sheraton Boston, 39 Dalton Street, Boston, MA

Appetizers and Cash Bar plus Music, Silent Auction, and Reception featuring our 2012 Dare to Believe Contest Winners

If you live in the New England area, we would love for you to join us at the event as well. For more information, and to RSVP and get tickets online, click here.

You can also call our office at 617-973-5801 for more information, or to register over the phone.

Purchase Tickets to the International OCD Foundation's OCD Awareness Event - A Night To Believe 

If you are interested in sponsorship opportunities, or would like to contribute to the silent auction, please contact Jeff Smith at 617-973-5801.  

2012 Dare to Believe Contest Winners
We are pleased to announce the winners of the OCD Awareness Week “Dare to Believe” Contest, who will traveling to Boston to join us on October 13th for “A Night to Believe” at the Sheraton Boston.

The winners are...

  • Short Story: Tipping Point, by Jackie Lea Sommers, from Minnesota
    Artist's Statement: I was young when I fell in love with words—around the same time I first started showing signs of obsessive-compulsive disorder—and over the years, that love intensified even as OCD’s grip on me grew more tyrannical.  In 2008, I began to use my creative writing degree to write about my experience with OCD, a project that grew from scribbles and poems into a full-fledged novel about a young woman’s battle against her Pure-O.  My entry, “Tipping Point,” is an excerpt from that novel, Lights All Around, which can be read in full at, the same site where I blog about OCD awareness, creativity, and faith.

  • Children's Story: Ranger Ben Discovers The Mysterious Mr. OCD, by Jennifer Cullen, from Virginia
    Artist's Statement: My oldest son Ben was diagnosed with OCD when he was five years old. When Ben was in elementary school I went to the library in search of some fiction books that would help him understand his illness and also help him feel better about himself. What I found were books that made him feel more anxious, less confident, or both. When I couldn't find any suitable picture books about OCD I spoke with the librarian. She encouraged me to write a story for kids with OCD. So I created, Ranger Ben Discovers the Mysterious Mr. OCD to help kids understand OCD and feel empowered to cope with this life-long illness that effects every aspect of their life.

  • Song: Till I'm Down, by Vincent Christoffersen, aka SplitScreenMultiplayer, from New Zealand
    Artist's Statement: I'd like to thank you for this opportunity to compete in this year's contest. I've created a video introduction for you, so you could actually see who I am and here my narrative directly from me. You can see the video at: As I explain in my video, I was diagnosed with OCD at 12 and have had to live with the day to day affects it has had on my life every day since. A few years back I found that music gave me an avenue to explore the feelings I have about it and to share my message about it with others. Today, my soul is music. I write my own songs, program the music tracks in a unique techno / dubstep style, do my own rapping and lead vocals. I'm competing this year because I want my music heard, and because I want its positive message to be heard by and to help others like myself. I hope you enjoy it. In addition to the direct link to the digital file above, you can hear my submission track, "Till I'm Down" on my website at: A second track you might also enjoy is titled Bit By Bit, which speaks about how OCD tries to take away lives bit by bit. You can hear that track here: Again, Thank you for this opportunity to compete. It means the world to me.

  • Video: Living With Me And My OCD, by Claire Watkinson, from England
    Artist's Statement: This a trailer for Living With Me And My OCD, which is a personal documentary about OCD. This documentary aims to raise awareness of OCD. It will feature OCD sufferers from around the country/world, (I already have the UK, Chicago,Hawaii), who will discuss what their OCD is, how it affects them and their life and their opinions on the level of existing awareness regarding OCD. The documentary will feature footage from the Bupa Manchester race my twin sister and I (both sufferers of OCD) ran for OCD UK. I filmed the event, even whilst running. The unique selling point of this documentary is the diary entries with myself that I have been filming since January. So far they contain footage of me talking about my experiences with Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, work life and low points that have occurred throughout the months filming. I will challenge stereotypical beliefs regarding OCD, such as the conventional belief that OCD only refers to those who have an obsession with washing their hands, or checking repeatedly. I will show that there is a much darker side to OCD thoughts, whilst not detracting from the anxiety and pain such thoughts stereotypically seen as OCD do cause. This is an extremely personal project and has received a lot of feedback and response from UK and the UK charities too, it would be excellent to reach international audiences with this documentary. I am still filming and intend to release start of next year. For more information links to the Facebook and Twitter are below: Facebook: Twitter:


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